Murder among Friends

  • Michael Kennedy (2001)
  • US
  • 88 min
Murder among Friends
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2 out of 5

This offbeat comedy thriller may lack star wattage, but it partially atones for that in brio. Greg Evigan is still best known for TV series like BJ and the Bear and My Two Dads, while Donnamarie Recco will be vaguely familiar from playing Sheila in Analyze This (1999) and Analyze That (2002). But they make a tolerable team, as Recco's Sophia Loren wannabe joins forces with Evigan's world-weary detective after one of her acting school classmates is arrested for the murder of his father. The real culprit is pretty obvious, but the movie makes no claims to Agatha Christie-style sophistication.

Plot Summary

Detective drama starring Greg Evigan and Donnamarie Recco. When aspiring actress Isabella Dellarocca discovers that a friend of hers has been arrested for his father's murder, she teams up with world-weary detective Steve Alder to clear her friend's name and find the real culprit.

Cast and crew


Steve Alder
Greg Evigan
Isabella Dellarocca
Donnamarie Recco
Alicia Carlisle
Jennie Raymond
Dylan White
Jeff Geddis
Jamie Stockard
Andrew Kraulis
Brandon Walden
James Thomas
Mark Woodruff
Joel S Keller
Marsha Woodruff
Sherry Miller


Michael Kennedy

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