Perfect Creature

Perfect Creature

Glenn Standring (2005)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Before True Blood there was this, New Zealand director Glenn Standring's long-delayed follow-up to The Irrefutable Truth about Demons. Adhering to the now standard Underworld-type plot about centuries-old racial harmonies being rocked, here the balance of power between benign vampires and understanding humans is upset by renegade Leo Gregory, who's turned into the evil bloodsucker of Bram Stoker legend by a genetically mutated virus. Elder vampire statesman Dougray Scott (Gregory's half-brother) and policewoman Saffron Burrows team up for the damage control job in a dark, gritty neo-Gothic alternative universe. The stunning look and atmospheric production design - steam punk Victoriana meets Swinging Sixties cool - belie Standring's low budget and are the best assets of this slow-moving, futuristic Dickensian fantasy. Sadly, the characters are underdeveloped and there's virtually no graphic brutality with bite, the scares coming more from loud sound effects than anything else.


In an alternative version of the 1960s, vampires have lived peacefully alongside humans for 300 years. However, the stability of this world is shattered when one bloodsucker returns to his predatory ways, posing a deadly threat to both races. A vampire is assigned to bring his killing spree to an end, teaming up with a human detective and uncovering long-buried secrets along the way. Fantasy thriller, starring Dougray Scott and Saffron Burrows.

Cast & Crew

Silus Dougray Scott
Edgar Leo Gregory
Lilly Saffron Burrows
Jones Scott Wills
Augustus Stuart Wilson
Dominic Craig Hall
Director Glenn Standring
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: IconGuidance: Violence, swearing.Available on: DVD