Stargate Universe

Series 2 - 14. Hope

About this programme

14/20. The crew takes shifts connected to the communication stones, hoping for a chance to contact Homeworld Command, while Chloe falls asleep and wakes up with Ginn's consciousness in her body. Tamara diagnoses Volker with end-stage renal disease, and with a kidney transplant necessary to save his life, the Destiny is searched for a suitable donor.

Cast and crew


Dr Nicholas Rush
Robert Carlyle
Everett Young
Justin Louis
Matthew Scott
Brian J Smith
Chloe Armstrong
Elyse Levesque
Eli Wallace
David Blue
Tamara Johansen
Alaina Huffman
Peter Kelamis
Ronald Greer
Jamil Walker Smith
Camile Wray
David Telford
Lou Diamond Phillips
Dr Dale Volker
Patrick Gilmore
Julie McNiven