Bertie and Elizabeth

Bertie and Elizabeth

About this programme

Docu-drama chronicling the marriage of Queen Elizabeth and George VI, from their first meeting in 1920 to the King's death in 1952, set against a backdrop of national events, from the abdication of George's elder brother to the Second World War. Starring Juliet Aubrey, James Wilby, Alan Bates, Eileen Atkins, Robert Hardy and Corin Redgrave.

Cast and crew


Queen Elizabeth
Juliet Aubrey
King George VI
James Wilby
King George V
Alan Bates
Queen Mary
Eileen Atkins
President Franklin D Roosevelt
Robert Hardy
General Bernard Montgomery
Corin Redgrave
Archbishop Lang
Oliver Ford Davies
Edward VIII
Charles Edwards
Wallis Simpson
Amber Rose Sealey
Winston Churchill
David Ryall
Lord Reith
David Burke
Clement Attlee
Denis Lill
Tommy Lascelles
Paul Brooke


Giles Foster
Nigel Williams