Murdoch Mysteries

Series 4 - 12. The Kissing Bandit

The Kissing Bandit

About this programme

12/13. A spate of bank robberies is committed by a dashing masked man who always kisses an attractive female before making his escape, then apparently passes his illicit proceeds on to the poor. Things take a darker turn when on robbing the same bank for a third time, the latter-day Robin Hood shoots a young woman dead. Meanwhile, Julia's vivacious sister Ruby tries to rekindle romance between her elder sibling and Murdoch, despite Julia's imminent marriage to Darcy Garland. Drama, starring Yannick Bisson.

Cast and crew


Det William Murdoch
Yannick Bisson
Dr Julia Ogden
Helene Joy
Insp Brackenreid
Thomas Craig
Cons George Crabtree
Jonny Harris
Cons Henry Higgins
Lachlan Murdoch
Dr Darcy Garland
Jonathan Watton
Ruby Ogden
Sarah Gadon
Paddy Glenn
Ephraim Ellis
Annabelle Rose
Charlotte Hegele


Cal Coons
Alexandra Zarowny