Series 2 - 20. The Late Shaft

The Late Shaft

About this programme

20/24. The crime-solving author appears on a late-night chat show, on which he flirts with actress Ellie Monroe, while host Bobby Mann later tells him he fears his life is in danger. When the presenter suffers a fatal heart attack, Castle suspects foul play and Lanie finds evidence that he was murdered. A number of suspects are questioned, including Mann's sidekick Hank McPhee and fellow presenter Mickey Reed. Guest starring Kelly Carlson (Nip/Tuck).

Cast and crew


Richard Castle
Nathan Fillion
Det Kate Beckett
Stana Katic
Martha Rodgers
Susan Sullivan
Capt Roy Montgomery
Ruben Santiago-Hudson
Alexis Castle
Molly Quinn
Javier Esposito
Jon Huertas
Lanie Parish
Tamala Jones
Kevin Ryan
Seamus Dever
Ellie Monroe
Kelly Carlson
Mickey Reed
Bill Bellamy
Howard Weisberg
Dan Cortese
Hank McPhee
Fred Willard
Bobby Mann
Tom Bergeron


Bryan Spicer
Executive Producer
Armyan Bernstein
Executive Producer
Rob Bowman
Executive Producer
Andrew W Marlowe
Executive Producer
Laurie Zaks