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Series 19 - 1. Gateholm Island, Pembrokeshire

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Geoff Ellis

What a way to start the 19th series — by zipping off to an island off the coast of Pembrokeshire in west Wales. It seems that the best way to get the team and their gear on site is by a 500m zip-wire rigged high above the waves and rocks. It’s worth the journey for Gateholm Island has produced some rich finds in the past — a Roman phallus and a beautiful bronze stag. Could the island have been a religious centre? Only digging will reveal answers, but team leader Francis Pryor also has his eyes on what looks like an Iron Age fort on the mainland.

With two sites to deal with, Tony Robinson is joined by new co-presenter Mary-Ann Ochota.

About this programme

1/16. Tony Robinson and the team investigate Gateholm Island, Pembrokeshire, where a number of mysterious artefacts were discovered years ago, suggesting the site was once of religious importance. The archaeologists battle inclement weather to begin a dig on the mainland, where team leader Francis Pryor sees characteristics suggestive of a classic Iron Age fort beginning to emerge.

Cast and crew


Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor
Series Editor
Jobim Sampson
Series Producer
Tim Taylor

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