CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Series 10 - 8. Lover's Lanes

Lover's Lanes

About this programme

8/23. An employee's severed head is discovered at a bowling alley, prompting the team to ask whether a professional player, whom the victim beat the previous day, could be capable of murder. Meanwhile, a female prison inmate's suicide prompts Langston to reopen investigations into the fatal shooting of her husband. Drama, starring Laurence Fishburne.

Cast and crew


Dr Raymond Langston
Laurence Fishburne
Catherine Willows
Marg Helgenberger
Nick Stokes
George Eads
Greg Sanders
Eric Szmanda
Dr Al Robbins
Robert David Hall
David Hodges
Wallace Langham
Capt Jim Brass
Paul Guilfoyle
Wendy Simms
Liz Vassey
David Phillips
David Berman
Officer Mitchell
Larry Mitchell
Kyle Chatts
Devon Gummersall
Chevy Cigs
Marcus Giamatti
Shea Lammet
Ashley Jones
Ronald Tobin
Blake Shields
Jennifer Delaney
Jennifer Crystal Foley
Carla York
Locky Lambert
Vitas Long
Scoot McNairy


Andrew Bernstein
Dustin Lee Abraham