The Mentalist

Series 2 - 10. Throwing Fire

Throwing Fire
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About this programme

10/23. The murder of a trainer at a baseball academy leads Cho, Lisbon and Jane to suspect the crime could have been motivated by money. The team learns his wife is sole beneficiary of a substantial life insurance payout, and his business partner stood to take the controlling share of their company - but a lack of evidence hampers the investigation - until the consultant follows a hunch. Jane also has a flashback when he is knocked out, leading him to remember working at a circus with his father. Guest starring Jude Ciccolella.

Cast and crew


Patrick Jane
Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon
Robin Tunney
Wayne Rigsby
Owain Yeoman
Grace Van Pelt
Amanda Righetti
Kimball Cho
Tim Kang
Virgil Minelli
Gregory Itzin
Freddy Fitch
Jude Ciccolella
Scotty Sinclair
Ben Bledsoe
Young Jane
Chris Brochu
Alex Jane
Nick Chinlund
Matt Cedeno
Alejandro Chaban


Martha Mitchell
Executive Producer
Bruno Heller
John Mankiewicz