Nurse Jackie

Series 1 - 6. Tiny Bubbles

Tiny Bubbles

About this programme

6/12. The medic is asked to assist a suicide attempt by an old friend who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Dr Cooper's mother gives away a secret about him when she is brought in with a gall bladder attack. Edie Falco and Peter Facinelli star, with guests Blythe Danner and Swoosie Kurtz.

Cast and crew


Jackie Peyton
Edie Falco
Dr Fitch Cooper
Peter Facinelli
Dr Eleanor `Ellie' O'Hara
Eve Best
Zoey Barkow
Merritt Wever
Eddie Walzer
Paul Schulze
Mohammed `Mo Mo' de la Cruz
Haaz Sleiman
Fiona Peyton
Daisy Tahan
Grace Peyton
Ruby Jerins
Kevin Peyton
Dominic Fumusa
Mrs Gloria Akalitus
Anna Deavere Smith
Stephen Wallem
Mr Batali
Daniel London
Father Frank
Reathel Bean
Paula Korsenowski
Judith Ivey
Mrs Cooper
Blythe Danner
Mrs Scheinhorn
Swoosie Kurtz