Judge John Deed

Series 4 - 2. Above the Law

Above the Law

About this programme

2/6. The judge hears the case of three men accused of shooting a rival gang member - but the trial is in danger of collapsing when the prosecution's main witness is killed in a hit-and-run incident. To make matters worse, the jurors start to fall sick, and the newly appointed Home Secretary sees a chance to make it into a jury-less trial - which could force Deed to throw it out altogether. Martin Shaw stars, with Jenny Seagrove.

Cast and crew


Judge John Deed
Martin Shaw
Jo Mills
Jenny Seagrove
Rita `Coop' Cooper
Barbara Thorn
Sir Monty Everard
Simon Ward
Sir Ian Rochester
Simon Chandler
Sir Joseph Channing
Donald Sinden
Georgina Channing QC
Caroline Langrishe
Laurence James
Fraser James
Brian Harrison
Michael Eaves
Margaret Tredaway
Jane Hazlegrove
Michael Hulsey
Thomas Hall
Jez Balfe
Michael Obiora
Sky Rudkin
Heshima Thompson
Dave Nicolaides
Otto Gvasalia
Reb Spark
Phoebe Thomas
Newman Mason Allen
Colin McFarlane
Paul Sorrell
Luke Shaw
Lorne Michaels
Stephen Greif
Neil Haughton
Aneirin Hughes
Mrs Johnson
Rachel Spry
Paul Arrow
Tony Marshall
Del Peabody
Israel Aduramo
DI Andy Wyman
Rod Hallett
Reverand Rudkin
Richard Lloyd King
Bea Waxman
Lia Saville
Sgt Milbrook
Sarah Crook
Chief Constable
Jem Wall
Simon Norwalk
Daniel Hill
Adoption Chairwoman
Anni Domingo
Julia Peters
Victoria Carling
Terry Post
Roy Smiles
Doreen Balfe
Andrea Francis
Mrs Coffee
Yvonne Edgell
Dr Martine Woods
Catherine Harvey
Sime Jackson
Wing Li
Bashir Blenman
Mono Simons
Troy Glasgow
Natalie Wallis
Madra Ingeborrow
Dock Officer
John Dulieu


Deborah Paige
GF Newman
GF Newman