Series 6 - 16. The Blackout in the Blizzard

The Blackout in the Blizzard

About this programme

16/23. A blizzard brings the whole town to a standstill and Brennan and Booth find themselves trapped in a lift, where a discussion about their relationship becomes uncharacteristically candid. The rest of the team is busy trying to identify a body without the use of modern technology, while Angela and Hodgins receive worrying news about the health of their unborn baby. Crime drama, directed by and starring David Boreanaz.

Cast and crew


Dr Temperance `Bones' Brennan
Emily Deschanel
Seeley Booth
David Boreanaz
Dr Jack Hodgins
TJ Thyne
Angela Montenegro
Michaela Conlin
Dr Camille Saroyan
Tamara Taylor
Dr Lance Sweets
John Francis Daley
Daisy Wick
Carla Gallo


David Boreanaz