Series 6 - 17. The Feet on the Beach

The Feet on the Beach

About this programme

17/23. Seven pairs of dismembered feet are washed ashore on the north Canadian border, where Brennan and Booth trace most of the body parts to a nearby university - but one pair is left unaccounted for. Meanwhile, Cam makes college plans for her daughter behind her back. Crime drama, starring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz.

Cast and crew


Dr Temperance `Bones' Brennan
Emily Deschanel
Seeley Booth
David Boreanaz
Dr Jack Hodgins
TJ Thyne
Angela Montenegro
Michaela Conlin
Dr Camille Saroyan
Tamara Taylor
Dr Lance Sweets
John Francis Daley
Daisy Wick
Carla Gallo