Peter Jones Meets

Series 1 - Episode 1

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

Dragons’ Den stalwart Peter Jones opens a series of business interviews with a pair of fascinating case studies. Chris Dawson began on a market stall and built up a chain of discount department stores (The Range) and a reported £400 million personal fortune. Meanwhile, married couple Mark and Mo Constantine, had to overcome the crash of a previous business before founding the Lush cosmetics brand in 1994.

The programme’s style involves some creaky business banter (“I hope the Revenue aren’t listening!” etc) and gloating over fat margins, but stick with it and there are real insights into the personal stories that make entrepreneurs tick. 

About this programme

1/4. Dragons' Den star Peter Jones talks to leading UK entrepreneurs to find out how they made their millions and investigates whether there is a certain formula for success. He begins by meeting former market trader Chris Dawson, who set up home and garden retail chain The Range, and Mark and Mo Constantine, who run cosmetics company Lush.

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Peter Jones
Chris Dawson
Mark Constantine
Mo Constantine


Dan Gooding
Executive Producer
Sam Lewens
Series Producer
Dan Gooding