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Mervyn King

Radio Times
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Jane Anderson

Sir Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, retires at the end of this month. While he may be hoping never to have to utter the phrase “quantitative easing” again or plead for the impossible — an end to “banker bashing” — it’s hard to imagine that he is going to slip quietly away to a peaceful retirement.

Born into a relatively modest family — his father was a railway porter who retrained as a geography teacher after the Second World War — King confounded his family’s expectations, as he reveals to Kirsty Young, by winning a place at Cambridge to read economics. Since then he’s never looked back and it’s hard to imagine him easing up [sic] now.

About this programme

Departing Bank of England governor Mervyn King talks to Kirsty Young and selects eight favourite recordings to take to the BBC's mythical island.

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Kirsty Young
Mervyn King


Cathy Drysdale

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