The X Files

Series 9 - 14. Scary Monsters

About this programme

14/20. A young agent who hero worships Mulder turns to Scully for help in investigating an eight-year-old boy's claims that monsters infesting his home killed his mother. When Scully dismisses the case as a simple suicide, the agent turns to Doggett and Reyes for help, and they become convinced the boy's father is hiding something from them.

Cast and crew


Dana Scully
Gillian Anderson
John Doggett
Robert Patrick
Monica Reyes
Annabeth Gish
Tommy Conlon
Gavin Fink
Leyla Harrison
Jolie Jenkins
Jeffrey Conlon
Scott Paulin
Gabe Rotter
Brian Poth
Sheriff Jack Coogan
Steve Ryan


Dwight H Little
Thomas Schnauz

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