Blue Murder

Series 3 - 2. Make Believe

Make Believe

About this programme

2/4. A builder finds the body of a three-year-old child in a drainage tunnel between two houses and the father soon falls under suspicion. It's a particularly tough case for mother-of-four Janine, who is caught up in the recriminations of the grieving parents - especially when her ex-husband Pete delivers the shocking news that the dead child is not who they thought. Crime drama, starring Caroline Quentin and Ian Kelsey.

Cast and crew


DCI Janine Lewis
Caroline Quentin
DI Richard Mayne
Ian Kelsey
DS Butchers
Paul Loughran
DS Shap
Nicholas Murchie
DC Goddard
Rhea Bailey
DS Louise Hogg
Saskia Wickham
Millie Saunders
Shelley Conn
Fiona Wray
Kate Maravan
Clive Wray
Paul Venables
Claire Wray
Lynsey Baxter
Sarah Wray
Brittany Ashworth
Joe Breeley
Kenny Doughty
Donny McAvoy
Kevin Kennedy
Kendall Stafford
Eamon Riley
Pete Lewis
Joe Tucker
Michael Lewis
Geoff Bretton
Tom Lewis
Ceallach Spellman
Ellie Lewis
Eden Garrity
Charlotte Lewis
Rosanna and Caitlin Brett
Luke Stafford
James Varley
Rina Mahoney
Port policeman
Anthony Watson
Sammy Wray
James and Max Pover


Menhaj Huda
Gina Cronk
Cath Staincliffe