Coronation Street

Episode 8091

About this programme

Tyrone takes the stand and tells the jury he was abused by Kirsty for months and that he fears she'll attack Ruby one day, while Kirsty loses her temper with Julie and slaps her. The police question Stella about the pub keys and suggest the arsonist may have used a spare set to gain entry. Elsewhere, Sylvia finds her new friend Stan's flapjack delicious, but what is his secret ingredient? Beth is annoyed when Kirk cancels their date because he promised to meet Chesney.

Cast and crew


Tyrone Dobbs
Alan Halsall
Kirsty Soames
Natalie Gumede
Julie Carp
Katy Cavanagh
Stella Price
Michelle Collins
Sylvia Goodwin
Stephanie Cole
Stan Whitmore
David Williams
Beth Tinker
Lisa George
Kirk Sutherland
Andrew Whyment


Ian Bevitt
Executive Producer
Kieran Roberts
Phil Collinson
Jayne Hollinson