The Lady Vanishes

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Alison Graham

The Lady Vanishes is a beloved 1938 Alfred Hitchcock thriller, a delicious confection of chirpy nonsense starring Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave. Inexplicably it’s been remade by the BBC, with Tuppence Middleton and Tom Hughes (louche Julian in Dancing on the Edge).

Middleton is Iris Carr, a plucky, rich and headstrong young woman who’s holidaying in the pre-Second World War Balkans with a group of her silly friends when she flounces off and heads back to England alone. But Iris has a funny turn as she waits for the steam train to Trieste. Once on board, a woozy Iris meets a talkative English governess, Miss Froy, who subsequently disappears.

It’s an eyebrow-archingly silly story (adapted from Ethel Lina White’s book The Wheel Spins) but, although there’s nothing wrong with this version, it’s hard to understand why anyone would remake a perfect little film.

About this programme

It is 1931 and socialite Iris Carr (Tuppence Middleton) is travelling back from a holiday in the Balkans, but faints on the platform of the railway station in the scorching heat. She is comforted by fellow passenger Miss Froy (Selina Cadell), but when Iris falls asleep she awakes to find the woman has disappeared and everyone else on board denies ever having seen her. With only handsome traveller Max Hare (Tom Hughes) for support, Iris maintains that Miss Froy has somehow been abducted - even though it increasingly appears to be a delusion on her part. Mystery, also starring Keeley Hawes, Gemma Jones, Stephanie Cole and Julian Rhind-Tutt. Adapted from Ethel Lina White's novel, The Wheel Spins.

Cast and crew


Iris Carr
Tuppence Middleton
Max Hare
Tom Hughes
Miss Froy
Selina Cadell
Laura Parmiter
Keeley Hawes
Mr Todhunter/Sir Peveril
Julian Rhind-Tutt
Evelyn Floodporter
Stephanie Cole
Rose Floodporter
Gemma Jones
Mrs Barnes
Sandy McDade
The Professor
Alex Jennings
Rev Kenneth Barnes
Pip Torrens
The Baroness
Benedikte Hansen
The Doctor
Jesper Christensen
Charles Aitken
Frau Kummer
Zsuzsa David
Emerald Fennell
Daniel Gosling
Daisy Lewis
Tamas Lengyel
Border guard
Paolo Antonio
Beatrix Biro
Blonde woman
Marta Bolfan Uglien
Ticket master
Vilmos Csevernak
Station porter
Balazs Galko
Father in carriage
Istvan Gyurity
Mother in carriage
Zsuzsa Kalmar
Ticket officer
Gabor Krausz
Girl in carriage
Lili Lakos
Male nurse
Andras Lukacs
Csaba Mokany
Customs officer
Balazs Mozes
Nandor Szilagyi
Csaba Zold


Diarmuid Lawrence
Ann Tricklebank
Fiona Seres

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