Arrested Development

Series 1 - 19. Best Man for the Gob

Best Man for the Gob

About this programme

19/22. George Sr uses Gob's bachelor party as an opportunity to set up his accountant in a compromising position so that he can blackmail him. Meanwhile, Michael tries to prove he has a sense of fun, and the Funkes reunite their family folk-music band. Starring Will Arnett, Jeffrey Tambor and David Cross.

Cast and crew


Michael Bluth
Jason Bateman
Lindsay Funke
Portia de Rossi
George Oscar `Gob' Bluth II
Will Arnett
George Michael Bluth
Michael Cera
George Bluth Sr
Jeffrey Tambor
Lucille Bluth
Jessica Walter
Buster Bluth
Tony Hale
Mae `Maeby' Funke
Alia Shawkat
Tobias Funke
David Cross
Ron Howard
Annyong Bluth
Justin Lee
Ira Gilligan
Michael Hitchcock
Narcoleptic Stripper
Lauren Bowles


Lee Shallat-Chemel
Richard Rosenstock
Mitchell Hurwitz