Call the Midwife

Series 2 - Episode 8

Call the Midwife
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Everyone at Nonnatus House is busy preparing baby clothes for pregnant Chummy, who is due to give birth at any minute. But she’s worried that she won’t be able to be a proper mum. Her own mother lives miles away and Chummy feels a bit lost and unsupported. Luckily she receives some sage advice from the most unexpected source.

It’s the final episode of Heidi Thomas’s runaway success (fear not, it will return) so there’s a true sense of an ending, and in some cases a sense of new beginnings, particularly for Chummy (Miranda Hart) and nice Sister Bernadette. But a threat hangs over Nonnatus House that leaves its inhabitants feeling angry and adrift in the face of much uncertainty. Still Jenny (Jessica Raine) has something to smile about when she is squired by yet another presentable bore.

About this programme

8/8. There's a buzz of excitement at Nonnatus House as Chummy and Peter prepare for the arrival of their baby, Fred has a visit from his pregnant daughter and Jenny's love life is looking up when she is introduced to a potential new gentleman friend. However, change is in the air in Poplar and soon the friends are forced to stand together as their home comes under threat. Jessica Raine, Miranda Hart, Cliff Parisi, Ben Caplan and Pam Ferris star.

Cast and crew


Jenny Lee
Jessica Raine
Sister Julienne
Jenny Agutter
Sister Evangelina
Pam Ferris
Sister Monica Joan
Judy Parfitt
Trixie Franklin
Helen George
Cynthia Miller
Bryony Hannah
Sister Bernadette
Laura Main
Dr Turner
Stephen McGann
Cliff Parisi
Chummy Noakes
Miranda Hart
PC Peter Noakes
Ben Caplan
Jane Sutton
Dorothy Atkinson
George Rainsford
Dolly Smart
Ella Smith
Alec Jesmond
Leo Staar
Timothy Turner
Max Macmillan
Jack Smith
Jake Bailey
Voice of mature Jenny
Vanessa Redgrave


Minkie Spiro
Hugh Warren
Heidi Thomas