The Walking Dead

Series 3 - 11. I Ain't a Judas

I Ain't a Judas
Radio Times
Review by:
Gary Rose

After last week's carnage, this holding episode proceeds at a more sedate pace. Everyone's still concerned about Rick. But when even his own son starts losing the faith, the unkillable cop is shocked out of his stupor long enough to stop hallucinating and make a few decisions. Meanwhile, Merle is trying to persuade everyone he's not such a bad bloke, despite doing his best to kill half of them the previous week. He was "just carrying out orders", apparently.

In Woodbury, Andrea escapes the insufferable Governor's clutches long enough to visit the prison for a diplomatic tête-à-tête with her old chums. En route, she performs some amateur dentistry in one of the toughest scenes to watch of all three series.

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11/16. With their security threatened, Rick and the group must make a choice. Woodbury has become a police state, making Andrea uneasy. Post-apocalyptic drama following the exploits of a former County Sheriff struggling to survive in the aftermath of a zombie epidemic. Starring Andrew Lincoln.

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