CSI: Miami

Series 1 - 18. Dispo Day

Dispo Day

About this programme

18/24. Horatio and Speedle accompany an unmarked police van filled with confiscated drugs destined for the incinerator - but they are suddenly hijacked by a criminal gang intent on stealing their cargo, even though the assignment was supposedly confidential. Internal Affairs is soon on the case, believing an officer tipped off the thieves, and the CSIs find themselves under investigation. Crime drama, starring David Caruso and Khandi Alexander.

Cast and crew


Horatio Caine
David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne
Emily Procter
Eric Delko
Adam Rodriguez
Alexx Woods
Khandi Alexander
Tim Speedle
Rory Cochrane
Frank Tripp
Rex Linn
Yelina Salas
Sofia Milos
Jack Seeger
Nick Searcy
Salli Richardson-Whitfield
Lynn Martell
Julie Ann Emery
Dr Guillermo Santoyo
Carlos Lacamara
Paul Tomassi
Maximo Morrone
Enrique Rayas
Don McManus
Bob Stokes
Ken Kerman
Lester Cassidy
Troy Robinson
Sgt Hollis
Michael Runyard
Mike Tooley
Tim Trella
Jeff Macher
Mic Rodgers
Sam Laskey
Larry Rippenkroeger
Cesar Rubio
John Meier


David Grossman
Elizabeth Devine