Food Glorious Food

Series 1 - Episode 1

Food Glorious Food
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

Sometimes you can tell when the elements of a show have been assembled by careful calculation rather than whisked together in a genuine creative flurry.

This new reality show hunting for a home-cooked dish the whole nation will fall in love with has been lovingly baked by Simon Cowell’s company. A soupçon of Antiques Roadshow here (home chefs present their efforts to judges outdoors with the public looking on), a dash of MasterChef there (including its original presenter, Loyd Grossman), and a big dollop of Great British Bake Off have all gone into the mix. The result is a very likeable confection that isn’t much more than the sum of its (borrowed) parts. But there are fun characters and dishes you may want to try: the pheasant stew cooked on an open fire got my vote — the sausages in milk, not so much.

About this programme

1/9. New series. Carol Vorderman presents a culinary contest searching for Britain's best home-cooked dish. The competition kicks off in Malvern, Worcestershire, where judges Loyd Grossman, Anne Harrison, Tom Parker Bowles and Stacie Stewart are faced with the family recipes of hopefuls from Wales and the Midlands, with sausages in milk, a classic Welsh cawl and Staffordshire oatcakes all on the menu. From the dishes on offer only one will go forward to claim a place in the semi-finals and take a step closer to landing on the shelves of a major food retailer.

Cast and crew


Carol Vorderman
Loyd Grossman
Anne Harrison
Tom Parker Bowles
Stacie Stewart


Steven Smith
Executive Producer
Becky Clarke
Sam Simon
Philip Smith