One Born Every Minute

Series 4 - Episode 9

One Born Every Minute
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Katie is having her third baby, but both she and her partner Steve know that this will not be a normal birth. Little Mia will be born with part of her bowel outside her body and will need immediate medical attention.

In another delivery suite Keely and her boyfriend Ryan are having their second child. Ryan nips out for a cigarette as Keely whimpers, “Where’s Ryan?” in the birthing pool. He returns with a piri piri chicken panini as Keely howls in pain. As always the midwives are on hand to encourage and to cheerlead: “OK sweetheart, all right darling,” says delivery suite manager Gail to a yelling mum in the warmest voice you will ever hear.

About this programme

9/14. Gail Wright, Leeds General Infirmary's most experienced midwife, is on hand to help 22-year-old Keely when she goes into labour. Meanwhile, 29-year-old Steve tries to mask his anxiety with humour as he and fiancee Katie, 27, prepare for the arrival of their baby, who has the congenital condition gastroschisis - characterised by the intestines protruding through the abdomen wall - and will require surgery just hours after being born.

Cast and crew


Lottie Gammon
Executive Producer
Peter Moore
Series Director
Emily Smith
Series Producer
Dominique Foster