Nina and the Neurons: Go Engineering

Nina and the Neurons: Go Engineering
Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

Having already learnt how divers breathe under water and how airport conveyor belts move suitcases onto the right planes, the budding engineers are given a task that really takes the biscuit. Faaizah and Farhan visit a factory to learn how a production line makes lots of biscuits really quickly.

About this programme

Nina investigates how biscuits are made in a factory - with the help of Bud, her taste neuron. Engineers Faaizah and Farhan visit Nina in her workshop and discover that making biscuits all the same shape and pattern is really difficult. Next they visit a biscuit factory and they see a production line making lots and lots of biscuits. They find out that a production line is made up of lots of machines in a line doing the same job over and over again. Production lines can make lots of biscuits very quickly.