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Series 1 - 4. Monica Galetti - Comfort Food

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

You’d think that, growing up in a Michelin-starred household, Michel Roux Jr would pick something posh and fancy – such as Chateaubriand or lobster thermidor – as his favourite childhood comfort food. Not a bit of it. He chooses his mum’s shepherd’s pie. Not only that but he also uses tomato ketchup (or “Tommy K”, as wine expert Kate Goodman refers to it) to perk it up.

Meanwhile, William Sitwell argues that our obsession with foodie nostalgia is misplaced because contemporary factory-produced “traditional” dishes – whether a Cornish pasty or a cupcake – never taste as good as you remember. However, Michel’s final example of comfort food isn’t a staple in British households: îles flottantes.

About this programme

4/6. MasterChef: The Professionals judge Monica Galetti and resident drinks expert Kate Goodman join Michel Roux Jr to help him prepare his perfect comfort meal - his mother's shepherd's pie. Food writer William Sitwell examines the obsession for nostalgic food and journalist Matthew Fort celebrates the return of stodgy British puddings to some of the nation's most sophisticated menus.

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Michel Roux Jr
Kate Goodman
Monica Galetti
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Matthew Fort


Executive Producer
Pete Lawrence
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Hannah Corneck