Series 18 - 37. World Gone Wrong - Part One

About this programme

37/46. Part one of two. Harry returns to work and is appalled to learn the nurses are on strike, but his bid to restore the status quo prompts Charlie to draft his resignation letter. Fin and Comfort escape from the hurly-burly of the hospital to enjoy a quiet picnic. Nikki and Lara are taken hostage after getting caught up in a robbery at a jeweller's.

Cast and crew


Simon Kaminski
Christopher Colquhoun
Lara Stone
Christine Stephen-Daly
Harry Harper
Simon MacCorkindale
Jim Brodie
Maxwell Caulfield
Kristian Wilkin
Finlay Newton
Kwame Kwei-Armah
Comfort Jones
Martina Laird
Nikki Marshall
Kelly Harrison
Charlie Fairhead
Derek Thompson
James Redmond
Josh Griffiths
Ian Bleasdale
Tess Bateman
Suzanne Packer
Luke Warren
Matthew Wait
Roxanne Bird
Loo Brealey
Claire Guildford
Leanne Wilson
Tally Harper
Holly Davidson
Sarah Manners
Bex Reynolds
MIchael Sandler
Grant Gillespie
Archie Barnet
John Carter
Damon Sands
Robert Gwyn-Davin
Karl Sands
Paul Amos
Awais Chowdry
Bhasker Patel
Tom Price
Pip Torrens
Miriam Price
Margery Mason
Pauline Harvey
Clare Clifford
Sgt Phipps
Simon Bowers
PC Robert Sagar
Kemal Sylvester


Jeremy Webb
Steve Lightfoot
Jason Sutton