Series 1 - 15. Dodger

About this programme

15/23. Oliver realises he has been spending too much time crimefighting and not enough time for himself, so he rectifies that immediately by borrowing a couple of Cupid's arrows and asking Detective McKenna Hall out on a date. However, Starling City is soon plagued by a couple of new crooks - jewel thief Dodger and dashing pickpocket Roy Harper. Fantasy drama, starring Stephen Amell, Emily Rickards and David Ramsey.

Cast and crew


Oliver Queen
Stephen Amell
Laurel Lance
Katie Cassidy
Tommy Merlyn
Colin Donnell
John Diggle
David Ramsey
Thea Queen
Willa Holland
Moira Queen
Susanna Thompson
Det Quentin Lance
Paul Blackthorne
Slade Wilson
Manu Bennett
McKenna Hall
Janina Gavankar
Felicity Smoak
Emily Bett Rickards
The Dodger
James Callis
Roy Harper
Colton Haynes
Alan Durand
Jarod Joseph