666 Park Avenue

Series 1 - 2. Murmurations

About this programme

2/13. Jane discovers birds living in the walls of the building, but an attempt to exterminate them yields horrific results. Meanwhile, Henry is tempted to give Gavin classified information through his job at the Mayor's office and a lonely resident has a romantic tryst which takes a deadly turn. Starring Rachael Taylor, Dave Annable and Vanessa Williams.

Cast and crew


Jane Van Veen
Rachael Taylor
Henry Martin
Dave Annable
Brian Leonard
Robert Buckley
Nona Clark
Samantha Logan
Louise Leonard
Mercedes Masohn
Tony DeMeo
Erik Palladino
Alexis Blume
Helena Mattsson
Olivia Doran
Vanessa Williams
Gavin Doran
Terry O'Quinn
Danielle Tyler
Mili Avital
Frank Alpern
Mike Doyle


Robert Duncan McNeill