Ripper Street

Series 1 - 8. What Use Our Work

What Use Our Work
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

“We return to our past,” says implacable Detective Inspector Edmund Reid as he and his loyal sidekick Sergeant Bennet Drake dig out their old Jack the Ripper files in the series’ last episode. There’s been another Ripper-type murder and the sordid ex-Pinkerton man and Reid’s friend Captain Jackson is in the frame, though we know that he didn’t do it.

But reaching back is painful for Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) not just professionally – he never caught the Ripper and that still rankles – but personally, too, as he once again goes through the harrowing details of his daughter’s loss.

Though it’s notionally a crime drama, Ripper Street is really an old-fashioned western, where an honest lawman and his loyal men try to establish law and order in a tough frontier town. It will return for a second series.

About this programme

8/8. With Abberline convinced that Jackson is the Ripper, the captain is in custody and facing the death penalty. However, the suspected kidnapping of Rose offers Reid the chance to assemble his men and crack the slavery ring they find operating in their midst. But as the clues accumulate, the detective is gripped by a growing conviction that the man he is hunting may have personal knowledge of his terrible secret. Crime drama, starring Matthew Macfadyen and Adam Rothenberg.

Cast and crew


Det Insp Edmund Reid
Matthew Macfadyen
Det Insp Bennet Drake
Jerome Flynn
Cpt Homer Jackson
Adam Rothenberg
Long Susan
MyAnna Buring
Deborah Goren
Lucy Cohu
Fred Best
David Dawson
Emily Reid
Amanda Hale
Ch Insp Fred Abberline
Clive Russell
Rose Erskine
Charlene McKenna
Sgt Donald Artherton
David Wilmot
PC Dick Hobbs
Jonathan Barnwell
Victor Silver
David Oakes
Clara Silver
Ruta Gedmintas
Barnaby Silver
Kristian Nairn
Joseph Lavender
Linal Haft
Gillian Saker
Frank Goodnight
Edoardo Ballerini
Rebecca Grimes
Anabel Sweeney


Andy Wilson
Stephen Smallwood
Richard Warlow