Holby City

Series 15 - 20. Unravelled

About this programme

20/52. Serena is determined everything goes to plan with her mother's operation, but when there's a complication, who will she blame? Gemma tries to show she's ready to return to work following the trauma of recent events, although getting through the day is certain to be a challenge, while Mo finds a friend in Sacha after Jonny lets her down.

Cast and crew


Serena Campbell
Catherine Russell
Sacha Levy
Bob Barrett
Gemma Wilde
Ty Glaser
Mo Effanga
Chizzy Akudolu
Jonny Maconie
Michael Thomson
Chantelle Lane
Lauren Drummond
Ric Griffin
Hugh Quarshie
Arthur Digby
Rob Ostlere
Michael Spence
Hari Dhillon
Antoine Malick
Jimmy Akingbola
Adrienne McKinnie
Sandra Voe
Dawn Mallory
Jessica Baglow
Jerry Clark
Jeff Rawle
Sheridan Talbot
Jana Carpenter
Lucas Talbot
Jamal Hadjkura
Todd Parish
Jonathan Forbes


Jamie Annett
James Hall
Frank Rickarby