Series 7 - 1. Are You?

Are You?
Radio Times
Review by:
Jack Seale

Last year we left Dexter – forensics analyst and secret vigilante killer of escaped murderers – in a pickle, his detective sister Deb having just walked in on him slaying serial killer Travis Marshall. Season seven picks up there and... it’s monstrously exciting. Elsewhere, a cop is gunned down, leading the Miami homicide team towards a tangle with Ukrainian gangsters. Back to Dexter and Deb: the end of this episode will make you more desperate to see the next one than you’ve ever been with any show.

About this programme

1/12. Debra is shocked after witnessing Dexter kill Travis Marshall, but helps him cover up the murder by setting fire to the scene. Meanwhile, LaGuerta finds a blood slide that Dexter accidentally dropped in the church and begins investigating it. Crime drama, starring Michael C Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and Lauren Velez.

Cast and crew


Dexter Morgan
Michael C Hall
Debra Morgan
Jennifer Carpenter
Maria LaGuerta
Lauren Velez
Travis Marshall
Colin Hanks