Series 2 - 5. Break Point

Break Point
Radio Times
Review by:
Gill Crawford

Ouch, the writers clearly got out of bed on the wrong side the morning they put this together. Everyone’s defensive, everyone’s moody – even Louis’s got tears in his eyes. It’s markedly different in tone to the usual banter-heavy style, but no less refreshing. Following Donna’s discovery in the archives, Harvey’s very much on the back foot. But where will boss Jessica’s priorities lie? Mike, meanwhile, finally gets his day in court as counsel to emancipate a young tennis player.

About this programme

5/16. Harvey feels undermined when Jessica overlooks him on a lawsuit that could make or break the firm, while Donna deals with the aftermath of the Coastal Motors case. Meanwhile, Mike takes the lead in a dispute pitting a tennis player against his trainer - who also happens to be the athlete's father. Legal drama, starring Patrick J Adams.

Cast and crew


Mike Ross
Patrick J Adams
Harvey Specter
Gabriel Macht
Jessica Pearson
Gina Torres
Donna Paulsen
Sarah Rafferty