Episode 6566


About this programme

Karl wins a night at Lassiter's in the fundraiser raffle and decides to ask Susan to join him, but his plan is soon derailed by the news her job is at risk. Ajay looks forward to the distraction of the gig, but his frustrations resurface when Paul forces him to play at Charlie's, while Tash confronts Andrew about the fact he was going to fire her.

Cast and crew


Lou Carpenter
Tom Oliver
Karl Kennedy
Alan Fletcher
Susan Kennedy
Jackie Woodburne
Paul Robinson
Stefan Dennis
Toadfish Rebecchi
Ryan Moloney
Lucas Fitzgerald
Scott Major
Callum Jones
Morgan Baker
Kate Ramsay
Ashleigh Brewer
Andrew Robinson
Jordan Smith
Summer Hoyland
Jordy Lucas
Natasha Williams
Valentina Novakovic
Sonya Mitchell
Eve Morey
Chris Pappas
James Mason
George Pappas
Lliam Amor
Kyle Canning
Christopher Milligan
Rhys Lawson
Ben Barber
Ajay Kapoor
Sachin Joab
Priya Kapoor
Menik Gooneratne
Rani Kapoor
Coco-Jacinta Cherian
Aidan Foster
Bob Morley
Jessica Girdwood
Glenda Linscott
Harley Canning
Justin Holborow
Vanessa Villante
Alin Sumarwata
Ed Lee
Sebastian Gregory
Bradley Fox
Aaron Jeffery
Alex Delpy
Lachlan Woods
Dale Madden
David Reyne
Sheila Canning
Colette Mann
Georgia Brookes
Saskia Hampele


Executive Producer
Richard Jasek