Waterloo Road

Series 8 - Episode 18

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

Ever since the series introduced us to the Barry family, it’s surely been obvious to everyone that there’s something different about Kacey (Brogan Ellis). She’s the only girl in school who’d rather pop on a pair of shorts and run round the football pitch than slap on a load of make-up and wiggle round the dance floor. But while it comes as no surprise to us that she’s more than just a tomboy, her brother Barry is shocked to his core and has a predictable reaction. “You’re a freak! Are you a lezzer?” he screams when he finds out what she feels.

Meanwhile, Michael announces that rules are there for a reason – and then breaks another one.

About this programme

18/30. Tom clashes with Michael over the headmaster's decision to ban Kacey from the inter-school football final because the rules don't allow girls to play. But seeing how upset his star player is, he puts her on the team anyway on the understanding that she pretends to be a boy - setting off a chain of events that forces Kacey to face up to her gender issues. Connor is puzzled when Imogen seems reluctant to wear his engagement ring, while Christine tells Michael she is too busy trying to be a good mum for any kind of relationship. But it seems somebody wants them together and has hatched a matchmaking plan behind the teachers' backs.

Cast and crew


Kacey Barry
Brogan Ellis
Tom Clarkson
Jason Done
Michael Byrne
Alec Newman
Zoe Foster
Alisa Anderson
Barry Barry
Carl Au
Sian Diamond
Jaye Jacobs
Jack MacAlister
Taylor Rhys
Dynasty Barry
Abby Mavers
Nikki Boston
Heather Peace
Sonya Donnegan
Victoria Bush
Connor Mulgrew
Shane O'Meara
Imogen Stewart
Kirstie Steele
Christine Mulgrew
Laurie Brett
Kevin Skelton
Tommy Lawrence Knight
Grantly Budgen
Philip Martin Brown
Maggie Budgen
Melanie Hill
Jodie `Scout' Allen
Katie McGlynn
Rhiannon Salt
Rebecca Craven
Daniel Chalk
Mark Benton
Liberty Gordon
Adiza Shardow
Harley Taylor
Kane Tomlinson-Weaver


Jamie Annett
Lizzie Gray
Katie Douglas