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Series 1 - 3. Jun Tanaka - Street Food

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

You have to applaud Michel Roux Jr for championing fresh produce but, really, who has time to buy their baguettes daily or, as he suggests today, get their fish still glistening and wriggling from the person who caught it? However, the main criticism from viewers so far seems to be that wine expert Kate Goodman doesn’t say where to buy the wine she’s recommending, or how much it costs.

On Food and Drink’s menu today is a garlicky mussel stew, a taste of proper street food, followed by Roux’s posh version of burger and chips and a trip to Monica Galetti’s home for a cooking session with her young daughter.

About this programme

3/6. Michel Roux Jr and drinks expert Kate Goodman are joined by chef and entrepreneur Jun Tanaka to create the perfect burger. MasterChef judge Monica Galetti shares her secrets for getting children to eat healthily, while William Sitwell reveals his problems with the street food phenomenon.

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Michel Roux Jr
Kate Goodman
Jun Tanaka
Monica Galetti
William Sitwell


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Pete Lawrence
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Hannah Corneck