Death in Paradise

Series 2 - Episode 7

Death in Paradise
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

A hurricane is on its way and Saint Marie is battening down the hatches as everyone on the island prepares to take shelter. Apart from detective Richard Poole, who is dismissive of the approaching tempest because he lived through the great British storm of 1987, when his dad’s shed roof blew off.

But of course Poole (Ben Miller) and his team cannot remain indoors for long because there’s a murder: the body of a meteorologist is found on the island and his weather-mapping colleagues are all in the frame. Yes, of course it’s a silly story (one of the clues to the killer involves a rubber duck), but never mind, it’s the usual amiable Death in Paradise puzzle. And there are some sweet scenes for the romantics to coo over as the hesitant Poole slowly shows a softer side to the lovely Camille (Sara Martins).

About this programme

7/8. The islanders batten down the hatches as a hurricane approaches Saint Marie - but the police can't take cover as they're called to another murder, this time at the local university. The victim is a meteorologist, whose death has been staged to look like an accident - and the plot thickens when it emerges he had something important to tell the dean but died before he got the chance. To confuse matters, all his colleagues seem to have a reason for wanting him dead. Can the team unmask the culprit before the storm hits? Ben Miller and Sara Martins star, with Gavin & Stacey actor Mathew Horne.

Cast and crew


DI Richard Poole
Ben Miller
DS Camille Bordey
Sara Martins
Officer Dwayne Myers
Danny John-Jules
Officer Fidel Best
Gary Carr
Damon Ryan
Ben Batt
Professor King
Stephen Boxer
Judy Hearst
Lolita Chakrabarti
Jennifer Cheung
Gemma Chan
Leo Downs
Mathew Horne
Amber Collins
Jo Woodcock


David O'Neill
Tim Key
James Payne