White Collar

Series 3 - 1. On Guard

On Guard
Radio Times
Review by:
James Gill

Like all good con men, Neil Caffrey is asking all the questions and giving away none of the answers in this third series opener. The main drive of the crime drama is still the same: has Caffrey given up his criminal ways for good to help his new partner? The allure of lost Nazi plunder, cocky encounters and Hustle-style distraction charades all guarantee good mindless fun, and the laboriously repeated plot expositions make sure there’s no chance of getting left behind by the story.

About this programme

1/16. Neal and Peter have to put their differences aside to track down a notorious thief who has stolen money from the Federal Reserve, yet apparently returned to retrieve the stash he left behind. Crime drama, starring Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay.

Cast and crew


Neal Caffrey
Matthew Bomer
Peter Burke
Tim DeKay
Willie Garson
Diana Barrigan
Marsha Thomason
Sara Ellis
Hilarie Burton
Elizabeth Burke
Tiffani Thiessen
Clinton Jones
Sharif Atkins


Russell Lee Fine