Harry's Law

Series 1 - 2. Heat of Passion

About this programme

2/12. Harry defends a senior citizen whose extreme poverty forced her to turn to armed robbery. Meanwhile, Adam tries to impress the beautiful daughter of a launderette owner whose unorthodox employment practices have landed him in court. Legal drama, guest starring Irene Keng and Christopher McDonald, with Kathy Bates.

Cast and crew


Harriet Korn
Kathy Bates
Adam Branch
Nate Corddry
Jenna Backstrom
Brittany Snow
Malcolm Davies
Aml Ameen
Tommy Jefferson
Christopher McDonald
Chunhua Lao
Irene Keng
Rachael Miller
Jordana Spiro
Damien Winslow
Johnny Ray Gill
Anna Nicholson
Irma P Hall