Series 4 - 6. Glease

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Radio Times
Review by:
Jack Seale

Kate Hudson is back this week as Rachel’s demonic New York dance teacher, but – notwithstanding a development at the end hinting that these two may be about to embark in epic, mortal diva combat – we’re focused once again on McKinley High, as the glee club’s production of Grease hits the stage.

Rachel and Kurt return to see their ex-squeezes and achieve closure, which is what Americans call having the last word. In an episode where everyone who splitup the other week is thrown back together, will anyone reconsider? Meanwhile, we get a lot more Grease songs, but hopefully that’s that now.

About this programme

6/22. The McKinley High singers prepare for curtain-up on their production of Grease, but the road back to the 1950s is a rocky one as they lose their rehearsal space thanks to Sue's hatred of co-director Finn. Kitty plays a cruel trick on Marley - taking in her costumes and then telling her she's putting on weight - and Unique's parents pull him from the show. Rachel and Kurt arrive from New York to support their old classmates, but they struggle with being around Finn and Blaine. However, there's a bigger shock in store, courtesy of dance teacher Cassandra.

Cast and crew


Kurt Hummel
Chris Colfer
Blaine Anderson
Darren Criss
Sue Sylvester
Jane Lynch
Artie Abrams
Kevin McHale
Rachel Berry
Lea Michele
Finn Hudson
Cory Monteith
Brittany Pierce
Heather Morris
Will Schuester
Matthew Morrison
Sam Evans
Chord Overstreet
Mercedes Jones
Amber Riley
Santana Lopez
Naya Rivera
Mike Chang
Harry Shum Jr
Tina Cohen-Chang
Jenna Ushkowitz
Cassandra July
Kate Hudson
Principal Figgins
Iqbal Theba
Sugar Motta
Vanessa Lengies
Wade `Unique' Adams
Alex Newell
Joe Hart
Samuel Larsen
Marley Rose
Melissa Benoist
Ryder Lynn
Blake Jenner
Jake Puckerman
Jacob Artist
Kitty Wilde
Becca Tobin
Brody Weston
Dean Geyer
Mrs Rose
Trish Rae Stahl
Rob Adams
Mark Christopher Lawrence
Betty Adams
Davenia McFadden
Jon Christie