Series 14 - 209. Eleanor's Last Goodbye

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

A café and a shoe shop are the unlikely venues for a serendipitous meeting between Mandy (Danielle Henry) and an elderly lady in today’s affecting episode. Eleanor Waite (Rita Davies) is haunted by her memories, centring on her unhappy marriage to Walter (Tristan Beint) and the love of her life, Susie, whom she met in a café in 1962.

The story unfolds in flashback. We see Eleanor as she was then and as she is now when a pair of 1960s silver sandals prompts her to recall the pain and regret she has felt throughout her life. For Mandy, who’s just been to Freya’s grave, it is a story that strikes a chord.

About this programme

209/221. Mandy is in a thoughtful mood after visiting Freya's grave, and her day off becomes more interesting when a chance encounter at a cafe leads to her forging a deep connection with Eleanor, an elderly woman whose regrets and feelings of loss strike a chord with the nurse.

Cast and crew


Mandy Marquez
Danielle Henry
Eleanor Waite
Rita Davies
Ellie Waite
Victoria Ross
Walter Waite
Tristan Beint


Carol Harding
Series Producer
Mike Hobson
Series Producer
Peter Eryl Lloyd
Charlotte Wise