The Graham Norton Show

Series 12 - Episode 16

The Graham Norton Show
Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

With two guests who have never strayed far from controversy, tonight’s edition promises to be lively. As rap singer Marky Mark, Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg was a hothead often involved in fights, although he’s more controlled these days and is promoting his new film Broken City.

Satirical comedian Sarah Silverman found fame on Saturday Night Live, where pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable soon became her trademark.

About this programme

16/20. Graham is joined by X-Men and Prometheus star Michael Fassbender, fellow actor Mark Wahlberg and actress-comedienne Sarah Silverman, who provides one of the voices in video-game comedy Wreck-It Ralph. Soul singer Laura Mvula performs in the studio.

Cast and crew


Graham Norton
Michael Fassbender
Mark Wahlberg
Sarah Silverman
Musical Guest
Laura Mvula


Steve Smith
Series Producer
Jon Magnusson