Room 101

Series 2 - Episode 6

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

If Frank Skinner’s ad libs are the real thing and not carefully pre-arranged, then they’re little comedy gems.

There’s a moment tonight when Clive Anderson has proposed consigning British deer, or a large proportion of them, to Room 101 and in the process he points out that there are three million deer in Britain now. To which Jack Whitehall quips, “All they need is a leader!” It’s a nice idea – of the deer rising up as one in a horned rebellion. Then Skinner chimes in: “Maybe the Dalai Lama?” It’s quick, silly and typical of his ability to juice up the joke quota.

Not that he needs to much this week: Anderson, Whitehall and Alex Jones make a great panel. It’s the sparkiest episode yet.

About this programme

6/8. Writer-presenter Clive Anderson, The One Show host Alex Jones and actor-comedian Jack Whitehall compete to have their pet hates banished on the lively panel show chaired by Frank Skinner. Their gripes include British-themed bars in foreign countries, shared tables, deer, seagulls and metrosexuality.

Cast and crew


Frank Skinner
Clive Anderson
Alex Jones
Jack Whitehall


Ian Lorimer
Executive Producer
Richard Wilson
Executive Producer
Jimmy Mulville
Adam Copeland
Series Producer
Stu Mather