Wild Britain with Ray Mears

Series 3 - 6. Argyll Rainforest

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Jane Rackham

If you thought that rainforests were only found in exotic parts of the world, take a look at this. Ray Mears is in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland in one of only seven temperate rainforests in the world.

It’s home to the sika deer, ospreys and an exceptional number of lichen species that carpet the forest floor, smother tree trunks and festoon the canopy.

He also talks to Allan Bantick of the Scottish Beaver Trial about how they have re-introduced the European beaver, a species that had been hunted to near-extinction 400 years ago but which plays a vital role in supporting the ecosystem.

About this programme

6/10. The survival expert is on the west coast of Scotland to explore one of the world's rarest habitats - temperate rainforest. He discovers the skittish sika deer and meets a lichenologist who shows him a wealth of species that thrive in Argyll's wet, humid climate. Ray also observes the nest of two ospreys and finds out why the reintroduction of the European beaver is benefiting other wildlife.

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