Series 14 - 179. Difficulty

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

Howard persuades Emma to come with him to what sounds like a painfully boring and awkward training day to learn how to hold difficult conversations. The course has attracted a motley crew of professional misfits, the course leader is impossibly perky and it looks like the day may be a complete disaster. Yet it reveals a lot more about Emma’s marriage than Howard could ever have imagined.

Meanwhile, hairdresser Leo Treadwell (Murray Head) makes his wife Janette suspicious with secretive phone calls and references to meeting “at the flat”. Is he conducting some nefarious business, having an affair, or something completely different?

About this programme

179/221. Howard and Emma take part in an awkward training day about handling difficult conversations, which leads to some unexpected revelations, and when a patient loses his mobile phone, the nefarious activity he has been conducting without his wife's knowledge is at risk of being exposed. Medical drama, starring Dido Miles and Ian Kelsey.

Cast and crew


Dr Emma Reid
Dido Miles
Chris Reid
Nathan Wright
Howard Bellamy
Ian Kelsey
Mrs Tembe
Lorna Laidlaw
Leo Treadwell
Murray Head
Janette Treadwell
Julia Deakin
Angie Brackley
Kate Copeland
Rowena Cork
Sia Berkeley


Peter Bullock
Series Producer
Mike Hobson
Series Producer
Peter Eryl Lloyd
Dale Overton