Silent Witness

Series 16 - 10. Greater Love - Part Two

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

Emilia Fox spends most of this episode spoiling for a fight. And as most of the men she’s shouting at so indignantly are armed soldiers, she’s likely to get one. The team suspect that there’s been a cover-up over Daniel Lambert’s death, but Nikki is more concerned about getting justice for a Taliban fighter who was, she believes, killed by the private security guards at the water supply project.

In the concluding part of this story the constant teasing about impending disaster (Jack’s foolish rooting around in the desert in the dead of night; Leo and Nikki being locked in with terrorists) will leave viewers exhausted and emotionally wrung out.

About this programme

10/10. Part two of two. The basic forensic facilities and paucity of skeletal remains hinder the team's work, but its members come to believe Lambert must have been captured and killed by the Taliban. However, while Leo grows closer to charity worker Fawzia, Nikki and Jack find further fragments of skull and make an unnerving discovery about what really happened - triggering a chain of events that leaves everyone in danger. Last in the series.

Cast and crew


Prof Leo Dalton
William Gaminara
Dr Nikki Alexander
Emilia Fox
Jack Hodgson
David Caves
Clarissa Mullery
Liz Carr
Sean Nugent
Chris Reilly
Branko Tomovic
Dr Fawzia Joya
Brana Bajic
Scott Lambert
Sam Hazeldine
Mrs Lambert
Katie Lightfoot
Joe Doyle
Jonas Khan
Security guard
Matt Selby


Douglas Mackinnon
Sharon Bloom
Dudi Appleton
Jim Keeble