The Genius of Invention

Series 1 - 3. Communication

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

I wonder if anyone else finds this pop-science show exhausting as it leaps from one subject, one presenter and one interviewee after another in rapid succession. There’s no time to linger as Michael Mosley, Professor Mark Miodownik and Dr Cassie Newland examine mass communication. Using experiments both inside and outside the studio, they look at the development of the telegraph, telephone and social media.

A female “futurologist” gets a bit controversial when, asked by Mosley to predict his social media use, she declares: “Twitter is overwhelmingly male... [it’s] all about showing off and that’s what men like to do.”

About this programme

3/4. From the BT National Network Control Centre in Shropshire, Michael Mosley, Mark Miodownik and Cassie Newland celebrate the work of inventors who harnessed electricity and electromagnetism to enable instant messages to be sent across vast distances. They focus on three inventions - the electric telegraph, the telephone, and wireless communication - revealing how they came about by sparks of genius and incremental improvements.

Cast and crew


Michael Mosley
Cassie Newland
Mark Miodownik


Louise Bourner
Series Producer
Michael Tuft