Silent Witness

Series 16 - 9. Greater Love - Part One

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

“They found him.” This bald announcement about the discovery of Daniel Lambert, a soldier who vanished in Afghanistan five years earlier, sends Leo Dalton and his team scurrying off to the war-torn region to carry out the postmortem and bring what’s left of the body home to his family.

Within hours, they’re under attack – from both Taliban forces and, seemingly, from private security guards employed to protect the charity-run water project where the remains were found. Another murder and a forensic breakthrough change the investigation and put them all in danger, even though none of them is sure who the enemy is. Concludes tomorrow.

About this programme

9/10. Part one of two. Leo, Nikki and Jack travel to war-torn Afghanistan to identify whether human remains are those of a missing British soldier suspected of being captured by Taliban forces five years earlier. However, they soon discover there is more at stake than identifying a soldier's remains as the crime scene is preventing the completion of a charity-run sanitation plant, putting thousands of lives at risk from contaminated water. William Gaminara, Emilia Fox and David Caves star.

Cast and crew


Dr Nikki Alexander
Emilia Fox
Prof Leo Dalton
William Gaminara
Jack Hodgson
David Caves
Clarissa Mullery
Liz Carr
Dr Fawzia Joya
Brana Bajic
Scott Lambert
Sam Hazeldine
Sean Nugent
Chris Reilly
Branko Tomovic
Joe Doyle
Grant Burgin
Jonas Khan


Douglas Mackinnon
Sharon Bloom
Dudi Appleton
Jim Keeble