The Year of Making Love

Series 1 - Episode 1

Radio Times
Review by:
Claire Webb

These days there’s no need to serenade your sweetheart. Just take a personality-profiling test and science will find you true love – or so claims psychologist Dr Chamorro-Premuzic. Last year he masterminded a huge blind date, pairing up 600 lonely people. Frustratingly, the series doesn’t explain why they were matched, merely charting the couples’ ups and downs. It doesn’t start well: the first chap can’t help batting his eyelashes at the lady behind his perfect match, while another woman stands hers up. Surely the real question is: will any of the romances survive the indignity of a camera crew recording every kiss?

About this programme

1/6. Hundreds of single people meet their scientifically compatible matches in Britain's biggest blind date. The experiment pairs Kirsty from Birmingham with Andy from Nuneaton, resulting in an instant attraction, while it remains to be seen whether the sexual chemistry between Natalie and Rogan will develop into anything more. The series follows the couples' relationships as they develop over the course of a year.

Cast and crew


Executive Producer
David Tibballs
Executive Producer
Sean Hancock
Series Producer
Nic Patten